Ayahuasca: Tourism vs. Tradition

"Talk given at the 3rd Amazonian Shamanism Conference, addressing the commercialization and banalization of shamanism... If you want to know more about the topic of new age, plastic shamans, "Who owns native culture?" deals with every aspect of the appropriation of traditional knowledge, not just spiritual and religious practices."

This video was made in 2008. Jerónimo M.M.'s blog, "Legitimos Guerreritos," has current info on the ayahuasca documentary project and other matters related to indigenous culture.


Blogger Yodood wrote:

Thank you for this. The Gringo phenomenon of which he speaks is the modus operandi of Western Civilization throughout what remains of the indigenous, natural world.


Blogger Patrick wrote:

Excellent video, very insightful, cheers for uploading! Just came across your site & I look forward to checking it out more thoroughly.


Blogger bugsy wrote:

I stumbled here in my search for Hundertwasser paintings and got caught up watching most of the video instead! Insightful, this (not actually evil) colonial gringo movement. And a keen interest in Astronomy - I'll be back! Cheers


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